Tax Services

Tax Services

• Tax Services for Natural People
• Elaboration or revision of the income statement of legal entities.
• Elaboration of Magnetic Media and exogenous information.
• Transfer pricing.
• Returns of balances in favor
• Training and Updating of Tax, Monetary and Exchange Rates
• Tax and Customs Planning

Legal services

Legal services

• Patrimonial and successor planning.
• Attention of technical consultations.
• Legal representation of taxes.
• Corporate legal advice.

Accounting & Auditing Services

Accounting & Auditing Services

• Accounting and Payroll Outsourcing
• Audit.

Services in Foreign Exchange Matters

Services in Foreign Exchange Matters

• Advice on exchange matters, exchange forms and handling of clearing accounts.

Tax Services

For natural and legal persons

We are experts in tax matters, consulting and professional consulting.

Tax Services for Natural Persons

• Elaboration of the declaration of income and complementary of the natural persons Colombian national or expatriates.
• Elaboration of the Tax Declaration of Industry and Commerce - ICA for independent professionals.
• Tax planning and advisory services for independent or salaried individuals.
• Requests for repayment of balances in favor
• Declaration of assets held abroad.

Preparation or revision of the corporate income tax return

• Review of Existing Income Statements
• Identification of corrections and / or current tax risks
• Request for information for debugging and preparation of income tax declaration
• Feedback with the management for presentation and defense against a possible audit.

Magnetic Media Elaboration and Exogenous Information

• Preparation and validation of magnetic media formats and national exogenous information.
• Preparation of magnetic media formats and exogenous district information.

Transfer Pricing

• Elaboration of the Transfer Pricing Statement.
• Elaboration of the Transfer Pricing Documentation
• Seminars and trainings in the matter of Transfer Prices with an hourly intensity adapted according to their needs.

Tax and Customs Planning

• Elaboration of models of financial projections to analyze the fiscal impact of the decisions made by the company, avoiding situations that could create tax contingencies.
• Structuring different legal vehicles (internal - offshore), in order to take advantage of the legal and fiscal advantages offered by national and international legislation.
• Analysis of the restructuring of the operations carried out in your company, to optimize tax flows.
• Analysis and construction of an optimal import tariff structure to obtain the most benefit from trade agreements signed by Colombia and in force.

Training and Updating Tax, Monetary and Exchange.

• Having the experience of our partners as university lecturers and lecturers, we develop seminars and trainings with the hourly intensity and content required by your organization.

Repayment of balances in favor

• Advice and representation in request of refunds of balances in favor and request of compensations.

Legal services

Legal advice and consultancy in all areas

Advice and legal advice in all areas, we help you find the best solution.

Patrimonial and successor estate planning

• Counseling in asset protection and estate planning.
• Accompaniment in the implementation of structures for patrimonial and family protection.
• Review of family and business particularities.
• Elaboration of family protocols and structure of beneficiaries or letter of wishes.
• Verification of periodic results and or adjustments to family structures.

Technical consultation service

• Analysis of factual situations with identification of the situation to be solved.
• Presentation of legal arguments to provide a solution to the needs of the client.
• Conclusion of alternatives and solutions for choosing the client's position.

Legal representation of taxes

• Follow-up of tax processes in the governmental route.
• Judicial representation before the jurisdiction of administrative litigation in tax matters.
• Request for refunds and formal representation in different procedures before the tax authorities.

Corporate Legal Advice

• Review of commercial, civil and labor cases.
• Representation and advancement of procedures in ordinary justice.
• Formation of commercial and special companies.
• Substantial and formal procedures to the entities in charge of monitoring the different entities.
• Elaboration of concepts and response to commercial and corporate consultations.

Accounting & Auditing Services

Accounting and Payroll Outsourcing | Audit

Counseling and consultancy in accounting matters.

Accounting and Payroll Outsourcing

• Preparation of accounting books and financial reports, with delivery of partial financial statements, according to their needs and requirements.
• Preparation of social security payment forms.
• Response of requirements and advice to the UGPP.


• Fiscal review, financial audit and issuance of general purpose financial statements.
• Operational Audit
• Tax Auditing.
• Internal Audit and issuance of financial statements and specific purpose.

Services in Foreign Exchange Matters

Operations from and to the outside

Advice on exchange matters, exchange forms and handling of clearing accounts.

Knowledge and experience transformed into value for your company.

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